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People across New York City are seriously injured in accidents every day. That’s a plain and simple truth. Accidents come in many shapes and forms: being hit by a car, a slip-and-fall on a crumbling sidewalk, falling on a wet floor in a store, tumbling down broken stairs in a subway station, or being burned by a faulty stove in a commercial kitchen. And the injuries have an equally broad range: broken arms, legs, or hips; damage to internal organs like the spleen or kidneys; the loss of a hand, foot, or finger; a severe brain injury, resulting in permanent disability; the lost of sight or hearing; and the psychological damage that accompanies a terrible injury. And this downward turn in someone’s life wasn’t their fault – it was something that was done carelessly by another or a negligent condition that was allowed to deteriorate that led to the injury. Nobody wanted someone to get hurt – that’s not the legal standard – but through their carelessness, the problem was allowed to persist until someone finally got hurt.

If you or a family member finds yourself in this situation, know that you’re not alone. We are here to help. Our Personal Injury Lawyer NYC knows how to investigate these cases and pursue the kind of award that you or your loved one will need to help cover the expenses related to treating the injury today, rehabilitating from the injury tomorrow, and to provide the kind of long-term care that may be needed. Your dedicated Personal Injury Lawyer NYC will fight for lost wages, lost future earnings power, and the loss of enjoyment of the life you have today, and that can include all sorts of things in life that a person can be denied due to the extent of their injuries. We pride ourselves on righting wrongs and correcting injustices, and that is what many personal injury cases are at their most basic level. At Feiner & Lavy, PC, we fight tirelessly for our clients to ensure they will have the monetary compensation that will make them whole or as close to whole as possible.

This isn’t  a story of your greed

There’s a long-running campaign to paint personal injury attorneys as bad, greedy people and to try to make our clients feel guilty for pursuing justice. We are called ambulance chasers or shysters. But for a moment, consider this: you or your loved one, let’s say it’s your mother, gets hurt in a slip-and-fall accident and is facing mounting medical costs, lost wages, and other bills. You want help and ask the property owner where she was injured to contribute, but that person points you to their lawyer and their insurance company, who tells you to talk to their lawyers. You’re already outflanked, and they’re offering you 10 or 25 cents on the dollar just to go away. You owe $20,000 in medical costs, and they’re trying to convince you that maybe $4,000 is a generous settlement and they’re really helping you. Come on! Who’s the greedy one?!

Who are you lined up against? Lawyers funded by a property owner and/or an insurance company with very deep pockets. That is too much for someone who is not a lawyer to take on. And just talking to their attorney and saying the wrong thing can put your potential case in jeopardy. Merely agreeing to a point made by one of their lawyers could undermine any potential settlement you could collect…that you deserve to collect!

It’s been our Personal Injury Lawyer NYC experience that these personal injury stories are often much like the Bible’s story of David versus Goliath. The big bullies are lining up against the little guy, figuring that they can crush him easily because he is too afraid of being branded greedy or they can offer a meager settlement and hope you go away. Who might these Goliaths be? It can be municipal entities like the MTA or the City of New York; it could be the owner of many shopping malls or big office towers or apartment buildings; it could be a utility like ConEd. They have people whose job is to respond to claims, direct lawyers, coordinate with insurance companies, and ultimately to make you go away for as little money as possible. That’s a lot to stand against. Your Personal Injury Lawyer NYC is the rock and sling in the metaphor that will enable you to fell Goliath and win the kind of a settlement that you need.

But it wasn’t all my fault

Our experience tells us that in many cases, the person who suffered the injury is either not at fault at all or only partly at fault. Yes, there are partial fault situations, such as someone spending a night at a bar, having too much to drink, and then falling on a wet floor. If the person wasn’t inebriated, there’s a chance that the injury would have been less serious. There isn’t a hard science that can determine, in a case like this, how much would be the injured person’s fault and how much would be the fault of the bar. This is where the skill involved in investigating the details of a case and then taking on the hard-nosed negotiating with the opposing parties. Our Personal Injury Lawyer NYC brings more than 80 years of combined experience and a reputation that is highly regarded in the industry for our ability to determine what happened and then to negotiate a great settlement that will take care of your needs.

Compassion for your circumstances

Lawyers are more than just weapons to be pointed at an adversary. We are people, and we have empathy and compassion for the circumstances our clients are facing. This is a very difficult period of adjustment as you move from what was your life to your new reality. While we are working together toward a settlement, you are going through a lot: doctor’s visits, surgery, rehab, a sense of loss. These are real changes in your life. It is going to be a time filled with a surprising level of stress for you and your family, and there will be a lot of uncertainty and a certain amount of pressure. Our Personal Injury Lawyer NYC understands this very well and we want to help guide you through the process as easy as possible. We have held clients’ hands and helped them to cope with the difficult road they will be going down today and will still be traveling in the future.
At the end of the day, we believe in you. We know that together, we can help you to find the level of financial support you and your family will need. We believe that, with our help, you will find the strength and the courage to reclaim as much of your earlier life as possible. If you’re reading this, we’re sorry that you or a loved one has been hurt, but call us today to see how we can help.

Four Key Questions

How long will it take a Personal Injury Lawyer NYC to settle a case?

This is a complicated question, but the truth is that it is unlikely to be settled quickly. If the defendant, which may be the party who caused the injury and/or an insurance company, recognize that they were in the wrong, they might want to settle quickly to not run up a lot of bills for defending a case they will lose. That is often not the case. What will happen is that there will be a process that involves researching the case, determining what happened, whether someone is completely or partially at fault, the extent of injuries and other losses incurred, and other factors. Then, negotiations will commence. If a settlement can’t be negotiated, then the case will move to court. In a best-case scenario, a case could be settled reasonably fast, but it is more likely that a base-case scenario of it taking several months or longer could be the reality.

What kind of a fee will my Personal Injury Lawyer NYC charge me? Will I need to commit money upfront?

There is no money committed upfront. Most lawyers, work on what is called a contingency fee, meaning that their payment will be a percentage of the total settlement. That percentage can vary, but generally, it should be about a third of the total amount collected. Just to work in round numbers, if you are settling a case for $100,000, the attorney would keep $33,333. There may also be expenses related to the case, and those could be subtracted from your share, so be sure to ask about how expenses are billed. Our Personal Injury Lawyer NYC uses this very method to determine how it will collect money on your case. The fee may seem high, but remember three things: 1) it will take a lot of time for the attorney and his staff to pursue your case, so the attorney is paying for your case to be prepared; 2) there is no guarantee that an attorney will collect money, meaning that if you lose, it’s likely you will owe nothing and the law firm has to absorb some or all of the costs related to the case; 3) there is real value to you, as a client, in the services and experience provided by a top personal injury law firm like Feiner & Lavy, PC.

How does a Personal Injury Lawyer NYC determine the monetary damages I will collect?

Each case, like each person involved, is somewhat unique, but our experienced Personal Injury Lawyer NYC knows how to begin tallying the current and on-going expenses related to medical care and rehabilitation, loss of wages and future earnings potential attributable to the accident, and the pain and suffering related to the physical and psychological injuries suffered. There can be other items, like loss of enjoyment of life, that factor into the equation, but it takes an investigation on our part to determine the severity and permanence of injuries and other losses suffered in order to arrive at a supportable settlement number that provides justice for you.

What are typical accidents that result in personal injury cases in NYC?

There are a lot of different kind of accidents that lead to personal injury cases, but some of the more typical cases in NYC include:

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Elevator Accidents

Workplace Injuries

Car Accidents

Escalator Accidents

Construction Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Unsafe Premises

Fire Accidents

Subway and Train Accidents

Defective Products

Kitchen Accidents

Police Brutality

Electrical Accidents

Medical Malpractice


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Case Result

At Feiner & Lavy, PC, our results speak for themselves. Following is a sampling of results we have obtained for our clients in personal injury cases. We have secured many other substantial verdicts and settlements in a wide variety of personal injury cases involving medical malpractice, defective products, motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents, transportation-related accidents, nursing home negligence, landlord negligence, false arrests and malicious prosecutions, police misconduct, hotel/motel accidents, dental and podiatric malpractice, battery and assaults, and many more.

  • $10.5 Millions

    Snow blower accident, partial amputation two fingers

  • $3.1 Million

    Motor vehicle accident, back surgery

  • $2.7 Million

    Slip and fall in apartment building, back surgery

  • $2.2 Million

    Child fell out of window suffering some traumatic brain injury

Yaniv Lavy, a Bronx Personal Injury Attorney

Yaniv Lavy

Managing Partner

Yaniv Lavy began his practice in the United States over ten years ago after earning his law degree from the University of East London. He graduated with honors, in his studies taking classes in areas such as criminal law and public international law. Because of his extensive experience in business and language skills, speaking both Hebrew and English, Attorney Lavy quickly proved to be an asset to the New York law firm.

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