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You have been injured in an accident on an MTA bus. What should you do? The first thing you should do is to call a Bus Accident Injury Lawyer NYC.

We’re not saying this to just drum up business. Anytime there is the potential to bring a personal injury lawsuit against a city, county or state agency in New York, your statute of limitations is greatly reduced. If you wait a few months because you’re not sure what to do, the window could close, and you could lose your opportunity to sue for damages.

This is why getting advice from counsel is so important. As a personal injury law firm experienced with complex lawsuits involving government agencies, Feiner & Lavy is well-positioned to offer you advice about how to proceed with a lawsuit.

People have several common questions related to lawsuits of this nature.

Bus Accident Injury Lawyer NYC

Aren’t accidents involving MTA buses rare? I thought they were safe.

Actually, MTA buses are frequently involved in accidents. Not all accidents are the fault of the bus driver, maintenance crew, or the MTA itself. According to research by the New York Post, in a 31-month period beginning in 2015, there were nearly 22,000 accidents involving MTA buses. That is an average of more than 20 accidents each day. Those accidents resulted in more than 2,500 injuries.

If you have been injured, get medical treatment. Even if it’s a day or two after the accident, it is important for you to get checked out. If you felt okay after the accident, the aches and pains may not manifest themselves for time. Also, some people feel embarrassed about going to a doctor after an accident or fear being charged for an ambulance ride or check-up. Please seek medical attention as soon as possible if you don’t feel right.

What are common injuries that people suffer when in an MTA bus accident?

People involved in MTA bus accidents can suffer a wide range of injuries, but most are considered “minor.” This doesn’t mean that they’re not painful and don’t require treatment. As a broad category, it basically means that the injury isn’t life- or mobility-threatening. This means injuries including fractures, lost teeth, cuts and abrasions, sprains or other muscle injuries, and second- or third-degree burns that aren’t extensive.

The expense can be painful as well. If you lost a couple of teeth because you hit your mouth on the back of a seat, you are potentially looking at more than $10,000 in costs for implants and several days of lost wages while you spend time at the dentist. How about a broken arm that needs surgery? The average cost in the U.S. is $16,000 before taking into account the premium you can pay in New York City. If you need medical transportation, physical therapy, emotional counseling, those come at additional costs. Factor in lost wages lost opportunities, and your pain and suffering, and you see how quickly the costs can add up. A broken arm and a few dental implants from an incident on an MTA bus, and the tab quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

What if the driver of the bus was drunk or on drugs? Is the MTA still responsible?

The driver is an employee of the MTA and therefore the MTA is responsible for his conduct. Although the driver may have done something unlawful, you will not be bringing a lawsuit against the driver. The responsible party for your injuries is the agency.

Do I have to sue the MTA if another driver caused the accident?

Even if another driver caused the accident, you may have to sue the MTA in order to collect damages. Because of the strict process limitations imposed by the MTA, which is part of the government of New York, it is urgent that you contact a Bus Accident Injury Lawyer in NYC very soon after an incident. While the suit will depend on the details of your case, the most important point is that your case must be in motion within 90 days.

Another complication is something called a third-party claim. This means that if another driver is at fault in the accident in which you are injured, you need to sue the MTA, whose insurance will be liable for the settlement for your injuries. The MTA, in turn, will have to sue the other driver and his insurance company in order to collect on your settlement. This is complicated, but it is the way the law can function in certain cases.

What if I’m involved in an accident between two MTA vehicles?

When a Bus Accident Injury Lawyer NYC gets a question like this it is usually because people are concerned about figuring out who caused the accident. Don’t worry about this. The focus must remain singular: you were injured, and the MTA has a responsibility to you as an injured person. Whether the accident involved an MTA bus and another MTA vehicle, an NYC Sanitation Department vehicle or an NYPD vehicle, we will identify the responsible agency and bring a suit that will get you the compensation you deserve.

What should I do now?

Call a Bus Accident Injury Lawyer NYC at the Feiner & Lavy for a free case consultation at 929-432-5777. It is helpful if you have information like an accident report, medical reports and any photographs from the accident for the investigation that may be necessary for us to aggressively pursue the damages that are due to you. We are a respected law firm who take pride in seeing that our clients are treated fairly and get the damages they deserve.

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